St. Andrews College, Gorakhpur

The College is accrediated by International Accreditation Organization (IAO) ....College has been awarded as CPE (Colleges with Potential for Excellence)....               Accorded "Star College" by Ministry of Science and Technology DBT, New Delhi....

Faculty of Arts

  Faculty Of Economics


         Rahul Srivasstava              S K Yadav                             


  Faculty Of Education


         Manoj Kumar                         Sushma John                              


  Faculty Of English


         Anughra Tiwari                     S H SHARMA                          Seema Shekhar                   Shekhar Verma


  Faculty Of Geography


         SAMSON DAN                                              


  Faculty Of Hindi


         ANANT KIRTI                          PRABHA SINGH                       S K RAI              


  Faculty Of History


         A K DHULIYA                     Rabindra Kumar                                      


  Faculty Of Law


     A K SRIVASTAVA                       TUL KR SINGH                        O N TIWARI                             RAISA ALI


     S C BARANWAL                             V P SINGH                       TANVEER ALAM         


  Faculty Of Phylosophy


         Beena Sharma     


 Faculty Of Physical Education


         X M RAJ                  

 Faculty Of Political Sceince


      B D P SINGH                   GAURAV KR SRIVASTAVA         MUKUL ASTHANA                            

 Faculty Of Psycology


      S K TIWARI                                   VIDYAWATI                                  

 Faculty Of Sanskrit


    NORMA ROBERTS                                                     

 Faculty Of Socialogy


           V P MISHRA