St. Andrews College, Gorakhpur

The College is accrediated by International Accreditation Organization (IAO) ....College has been awarded as CPE (Colleges with Potential for Excellence)....               Accorded "Star College" by Ministry of Science and Technology DBT, New Delhi....

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Botany


         C O SAMUEL       DOMINIC RAJKUMAR         K S DAS               NEERAJ SRIVASTAVA


         NIDHI LAL                P.Abbasi                        


Faculty of Chemistry


         A K EKLOF            A K SRIVASTAVA             AMIT MASIH              B N TRIPATHI


Faculty of Maths


         A K JAISWAL          A K SINGH                     E C DAS                   K B GUPTA


     N K SRIVASTAVA                         P.N. Singh                        


Faculty of Physics


         A K NISHAD                 ANIL K DAS              Archana Srivastava                     


     H O GUPTA                L M THOMAS               R P SINGH                  S A KHAN


   V P SRIVASTAVA                                                  


Faculty of Physical Zoology


     C VIJAYKUMAR               DEEPAK SINGH                               R.P. SINGH


     M ANTO CLAVER                  N N SINGH                R N SAMUEL               R.P. SINGH